This post is a collection of influential shots that informed my composition and ambient light use in my three portrait narrative college assignment. Windows, low artificial light, and film noir-inspired Venetian blinds all feature, plus a couple of series from National Geographic Magazine, which is my favourite monthly publication.

Erwin Olaf

The Lodger
Berlin, Olympiastadion
Clärchens Ballhaus Mitte

Lise Sarfati

Sloane #21
Sebastian no. 08

Hellen van Meene

Untitled #327
No. 125

Gregory Crewdson

From Brief Encounters

Anton Corbijn

Nick Cave, 1991

Eli Reed

Christopher Anderson

Diana Markosian

Paolo Pellegrin

Harry Gruyaert

Carolyn Drake

Gueorgui Pinkhassov

Aaron Huey (for National Geographic)

Randy Olson (for National Geographic)

Film Noir

Alan Ladd in The Blue Dahlia, 1946. Director of photography: Lionel Lindon.
Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity, 1944. Director of photography: John F. Seitz.

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