Architecture – Exterior – Royal Botanic Garden

Another trial with the Samyang tilt-shift lens on the Canon 80D body. All images shot at ISO 100 and f/16.

Full Exterior – Glasshouse Entrance

Original image, as shot (1 of 3). 1/60 s. Bracketed with 1/30 s and 1/125 s.
ACR optimisation – batch processed for bracket shots also.

I stacked the three images in PS, and used selection layer masks to bring in the darker sky from the 1/125 s shot, and the highlights from the 1/30 s shot:

Stacked layer masks in PS.

Once I was satisfied with the tonal range and the colours, I cropped at 5:7 ratio, and added sharpening.


I added a black and white adjustment layer and played around with the blues to create contrast between the building and the sky that I was happy with:

Black and white adjustment layer, showing sliders
Glasshouse, BW

Detail – Science Building

As with the full exterior shot, I bracketed the following image with shots taken at 1/15 s and 1/60 s:

Original image. 1/30 s.

I optimised the image and the brackets in ACR:

ACR optimisation.

After stacking the three images in PS, I brought in the darker sky and the highlights, straightened, cropped and sharpened the composite, and used the dodge and burn tools to selectively lighten and darken areas:

Stacked layer masks in PS.
Science building

I like the close crop of this image, and the detail visible through the windows. The white plant at the bottom creates vertical lines that continue up throughout the image, up to the chimney stacks. I also like the combination of repetitive geometric shapes and natural plant elements.

I added a black and white adjustment layer to the composite image and tweaked the sliders until I was satisfied with the contrast:

Science building, BW

Detail – Glasshouse Roof

I liked the repetition of the angular bars atop one of the glasshouses against the clear sky. I took three shots at 1/60 s (± 1 stop).

Original image, 1/60 s.
ACR optimisation.
Stacked layer masks in PS.

I cropped in really close to focus on the angles in the roof. I liked the visibility of the greenery through the glass, and the growth of the plants up the outside.


I applied a black and white adjustment layer and played with the contrast using the tone sliders:

Glass BW

Full Exterior – Inverleith House

Since I’ve been volunteering at Inverleith House, I wanted to include the gallery in my shots.

Original shot, 1/30 s

As above, I took three shots and composited them after optimising in ACR. I also cropped, sharpened, and selectively dodged and burned.

Inverleith House

With this image’s black and white adjustment layer, I went a bit extreme (it’s Hallowe’en, after all). The weather had changed by this time and I liked the moodiness of the clouds. The gallery looks like a little doll house.

Inverleith House BW

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